Teaching Diploma Course

Yoga-diagram-450pxIn our Teaching Diploma Course students gain knowledge and experience of yoga over 18 months of distance learning, reflecting on how they can apply it to their life, yoga practice and yoga teaching. A weekly commitment to learning creates a solid foundation to making yoga a life-long experience in understanding ourselves and those whom we teach.
There are four face-to-face workshops in either Auckland or Christchurch, and between workshops students work independently on their sadhana (personal practice), coursework, and their own teaching under the guidance of a mentor, who is an experienced yoga tutor with an IYTA (NZ) Teaching Diploma qualification.
The Eight Limbs of yoga as outlined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras provide the framework for the course (as per the petals of the flower to the left). Additional fields of knowledge are covered under the topics of philosophy and history, health and wellbeing, Sanskrit and sound, and anatomy and physiology.

The next course begins 1st March 2019. For a detailed course outline please follow this link: Course Outline 2019-2020. Course enrolments will be accepted from 1st September 2018. To apply fill out the Enrolment Form 2019-2020 form.


For further information contact:

Amanda Percival

Flat 9/48 Chester St West Christchurch 8013

Mob: 021 0830 1662

Email Amanda


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I did my Yoga teacher training with IYTA in 2013/2014 due to a recommendation of a friend.
I truly can say this course changed my life in regards of YOGA. It gave me so much insight and understanding what is true YOGA, what is the traditional way of YOGA. The course structure was very well presented and took me on my YOGA journey. There was a combination of practical and theoretical work to do. Each month there was an assignment to conclude. And with each assignment, in a very sensible manner you came deeper and deeper in to your YOGA journey, your understanding of YOGA. I highly can recommend this course. I am happy to talk to people on the phone if someone needs more explanation.
Heidi Wollenweber
Be careful... this course will change how you live your life! Not only will you become a yoga teacher, but you will start to see everything through the lens of yoga philosophy. Each day becomes your practice, and every person you teach is another beautiful connection to the oneness of life - that "union" of yoga of which we are all part. This course is so thorough and so well integrated into your daily life over 18 months, that you finish feeling changed, blessed, enriched and challenged. Yes, there is more to learn after that! But what better choice than to study with an organisation that continues to support you and facilitates your networking with other yoga teachers and enthusiasts throughout the country?
Jenny Lux
I completed the nearly two year diploma and found it to be an exceptional course for anyone that wants to further their knowledge and foundations of Yoga. I felt as though the course and tutors came from a place of integrity, enthusiasm, warmth and diversity of knowledge that made me feel as though anything is possible with the right amount of patience and practice. I had already committed to a life long journey with Yoga, I came from a background in dance, gym based fitness training and sports but found it complemented everything well. I particularly like the emphasis on the experience of each individual with importance of taking care and responsibility for yourself which is very powerful. It was equally important to not only integrate a physical practice but an anatomical understanding was paramount, this was infused with a deep awareness of the philosophy of all aspects of Yoga. It felt very much like coming home to myself.
Kate Westwood
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